Quick Guide

How it works

Get the daily joke from the joke database.

Example how to use your API link with PHP

$remoteURL = 'https://smileysaints.com/api/remote_joke.php?apikey=Yourapikey';

// Use file_get_contents to retrieve remote content
$remoteContent = file_get_contents($remoteURL);

// Now $remoteContent contains the content of the remote PHP file
$joke = $remoteContent;

Get a random joke each time you refresh the link.

$remoteURL = 'https://smileysaints.com/api/remote_joke.php?apikey=Yourapikey&random=true';

Get API Key

Fill in the form and click submit. You will see a new page with your key and full link. Save the text because you can not find it again through our site.


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